What is Electronic travel authorization Canada ( eTA Canada ) ?

 Electronic Travel Authorization to Canada
Electronic Travel Authorization to Canada

The electronic travel authorization Canada is an online prescreening of people from more than fifty countries who can move to Canada by air without the need for a visa. These countries include Australia, Japan, Britain, European nations, etc. It’s intended to capture individuals who might cause a security hazard or might stick in Canada for an extended time than is permissible since they do not go through the official screening procedure required by those who need to obtain a permit. Therefore, it’s necessarily a basic pre-vetting of visa-exempt people who may not otherwise have this vetting performed. United States citizens are exempted from this new regulations.

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eTA Canada
eTA Canada

Who needs an electronic travel authorization to move to Canada?

There are four kinds of travelers. These are

1. Visitors who need an eTA.
    • Visa-exempt foreign citizens require an eTA to transit or fly through a Canadian airfield. However, they do not need electronic travel authorization when coming by train, boat, car or bus.


  • The legal permanent citizens of the US require an eTA to transit or fly through a Canadian airfield. But they are expected to present an official green card or a correct passport at an inspection area.
2. Visitors who may be qualified to request for an eTA.
  • Residents from chosen visa required states may be eligible to ask for an electronic travel authorization rather than a permit to proceed to Canada by air. However, they’ll need a visitor’s visa when arriving by train, boat, bus or car.
3. Visitors who cannot request for an eTA and need to bring other identification.
    • Canadian residents including dual residents require an official Canadian visa. American-Canadians may move with the genuine US or Canadian passport.


  • Canadian long-term citizens need an official permanent citizen travel charter or a permanent citizen card. However, if they stayed in Canada for a countless number of years ago, they may still acquire their permanent resident status.
4. Visitors who are exempted from electronic travel authorization requirements.
    • United States residents are immune from Canada eTA processing time demand and are needed to bring valid identification like an official United States passport. Other eTA exceptions include.


    • Foreign visitors who have official Canadian papers. These include visitors with an authentic Canadian passport, Visitors with a bonafide position in Canada, e.g., worker or student entering Canada after visiting St. Pierre Miquelon or the US.


    • Overseas citizens who are in the following situations.


French residents living in Saint Pierre and Miquelon and are directly moving to Canada from the region, or foreign citizens who are travelers heading to or coming from the US on a flight that halts in Canada merely to refuel and have appropriate papers to enter the US.



  • Travel and formal spoke persons. They include civil aviation examiners, crash inspectors, and flight crew who are or would be functioning while in Canada, and finally diplomats approved by the Canadian government.


When did the program come into realization?

The eTA guide was presumed to take effect on 15th March 2016. However, the Canadian travel trade raised worries regarding lack of realization of new requirements. The government then gave it a grace period. The administrators began demanding eTAs from visitors in November.

How do individuals complete electronic travel authorization?

eTA Canada
eTA Canada

The eTA application is on Citizen and Immigration Canada site. Visitors complete it online. Candidates need to provide their visa information as well as their credit card and pay a seven dollar Canadian fee. Once the eTA is accepted, it’s connected to their passport. They won’t be needed to fill it again for the next five years, or before their current passport lapses, whichever comes first. Most applicants have their eTA accepted through email within minutes, but some applications may take some days to process if a candidate is asked to furnish supporting papers. Airlines inspect to ensure Canadian bound travelers have filled the eTA. That’s why a countless number of individuals who’ve been enquiring about what is eTA Canada do not know the requirements and have been filling it out in airports before departure.

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When did Canada decide to request for eTAs?

The Canadian administration dedication to developing eTAs for visa-exempt overseas citizens was raised in the border security strategy that was jointly released with the US in 2011. The US administration already had the same organization in place, named ESTA (Electronic system for travel authorization).

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Citizens from these countries are eligible to apply for an online e-visa to Canada:

eta Visa Canada
eta Visa Canada

Brunei Darussalam
Czech Republic
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Republic of Korea (South)
San Marino
Solomon Islands
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

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eTA Canada – Application form

As it is said above, the ETA application form is available online. Apply now your electronic travel authorization form (eTA). Fill form , pay safely with: ✓Visa ✓MasterCard ✓American Express ✓PayPal and we send your eTA to your email.

eTA Canada Application form
eTA Canada Application form